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Please note: I am not a professional voice actor, but I do have about two decades’ experience of reading aloud to students. These recordings will NOT be perfect. I may clear my throat sometimes. You may hear my dogs snoring or my A/C come on or one of the 3 cats in my house letting me know I am insufficiently acknowledging their absolute superiority to the dogs. HOWEVER, I am comfortable enough with the quality of these recordings to share them with you here. I hope you are able to make use of them. The context for sharing all of these materials is the Covid-19 pandemic of 2020. One day, we will look back on this time and marvel at how our world changed as a result. At the time of this writing–3/21/20–we are in the thick of social distancing and staying home and quarantining–and a good book can provide a bit of distraction Maybe some escape. That’s what I hope to give to you.
If you enjoy Courage in Patience and would like to read more of Ashley’s story, please check out my other books–info on this siteHope in Patience, Truth in Patience, Big Fat Disaster, and Trauma Recovery: Sessions with Dr. Matt.
The print & ebook version of Hope in Patience is available to buy here, and Truth in Patience is available here.
Big Fat Disaster is widely available; if you want it from Amazon, it’s here.
I also have a limited number of paperback copies of Courage, Hope, & Truth, and Big Fat Disaster, so if you would like a signed copy. Just contact me & I’ll sign & mail to you.

I co-wrote a book for adults with Matt E. Jaremko, Ph.D.: Trauma Recovery: Sessions with Dr. Matt–Narratives of Hope & Resilience for Victims with PTSD–that could be very helpful right about now (i.e. during the Corona Virus Pandemic), because it has great advice for de-stressing, and we use music, TV shows, & movies to support the info in the book, which utilizes a storyline of six people (including 19-year-old Ashley,) led by Dr. Matt (from the Patience books & Big Fat Disaster) in a therapy group. Find out more about this book on our website. It’s widely available, but if you want it from Amazon, it’s here.

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Beth Fehlbaum

Video intro to this unit

Courage in Patience Prologue
Courage in Patience Chapter 1
Courage in Patience Chapter 2, Part 1
Courage in Patience Chapter 2, Part 2
Courage in Patience Chapter 3
Courage in Patience Chapter 4
Courage in Patience Chapter 5
Courage in Patience Chapter 6
Courage in Patience Chapter 7
Courage in Patience Chapter 8
Courage in Patience Chapter 9
Courage in Patience Chapter 10
Courage in Patience Chapter 11
Courage in Patience Chapter 12
Courage in Patience Chapter 13
Courage in Patience Chapter 14
Sneak Preview Hope in Patience, Book 2 in The Patience Trilogy

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