Find the Moon

This novel is currently being widely queried.
Kylie fears that a tornado will strike their mobile home park again, and she’ll have to make the choice between saving her three-year-old sister, Aliza, or getting her drug-addicted mother’s dead ass off the couch.
How can she possibly choose between the only two people she has in the world? Mama’s not just an addict; she’s also a dealer, and anytime she owes her uplines money, she makes them a “square deal”—she trafficks Kylie for sex—and she’s been doing so since Kylie was in middle school. If she’s lucky enough to be by a window when it happens, Kylie searches for the moon—for what’s real—so that when Mama tries to convince her that she’s crying for no reason, Kylie will know Mama’s lying.
When the devil himself breaks down their door and it’s clear Mama’s proposing Kylie as a one-half of a “square deal” to repay a debt, Kylie can’t take it anymore. She cries for help from a neighbor and gets it—but what feels like a rescue is more like a death when fifteen-year-old Kylie loses Aliza, the only person who’s ever loved her, and is taken hundreds of miles away to live with the family Mama said was dead.

Now Kylie’s in tiny Patience, Texas with her eccentric potty-mouthed grandmother, ever-patient stargazing grandfather, uncle who reminds her a lot of a cop who terrified her during a drug bust, and a herd of Norwegian Dwarf goats, their “guard donkeys,” and three canine roommates occupying Kylie’s former nursery. The dogs aren’t too sure about sharing “their” bed with Kylie—especially Jake, who Uncle Joey calls “a manatee-canine hybrid.”

Ethan, the teen son of Kylie’s English teacher, takes an interest in Kylie and appoints himself her “tour guide” for the tiny two-hallway high school. He warns Kylie to stay away from Casey Tucker, a troubled grieving boy who Kylie trusts too easily.
When the drug charges against Mama are dropped and it appears Kylie might be returned to the Hell her mother subjected her to, Kylie must decide whether to tell the truth—all of it—in order to save herself and her sister.