Mission High School Library had the pleasure of hosting Beth Fehlbaum this fall.  She spoke to over 350 of our students. Her presentation had them all hanging on her every word. She welcomed their questions and gave them honest answers. Many of them stayed behind to talk to her about their experiences and many stopped just to give her a hug, it was something to see. In my 6 years hosting authors at our library, I can honestly say no one has captured the attention of the masses quite like Beth.  Her message is powerful, inspiring and hopeful.

Margie Longoria
Librarian, Mission High School

Beth Fehlbaum visited my school Library last Friday at Cano Freshman Academy in Harlingen, Texas, for an Author’s Visit. Beth was very engaging and informative, and my students loved her. She not only booktalked her books, but provided a presentation on how writing can be therapeutic to students. She encouraged them to write anything that they felt and get their ideas and thoughts out on whatever it is that they are dealing with.

I work with fourteen and fifteen year old students whose attention is not easily kept, but she held their attention through their entire presentation, and at the end of the day I had multiple students asking to borrow the book and e-book! She made her entire presentation herself through Prezis and showed booktrailers that she has made as well as found on her books. My students loved seeing someone who has actually been published and have had success in writing in the flesh. Her technology use is great and she was very prepared In advance and was able to send me her presentation ahead of time.

Beth has a very genuine heart and it shines through her presentations. She uses her teaching experience to captivate an audience and hold them until the very end. She made a huge impression on my students, my staff, and myself. I highly recommend her for any speaking positions and also as a presenter. Beth was amazing, and I loved having her in my library.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions or any way that I can be of help.

Stephanie M. Galvan, MLS
Library Media Specialist
Dr. Abraham P. Cano Freshman Academy

December 16, 2016

To Whom It May Concern:

La Joya High School was honored to have author Beth Fehlbaum present to several of our Senior Classes (roughly 360+ students) on December 2, 2016.

The students and teachers were quite taken with her and her presentation in regards to her series of books The Patience Trilogy (Courage in Patience, Hope in Patience, and Truth in Patience); as well as her stand-alone novel Big Fat Disaster.

During her media presentation she began by elaborating on current trends in Young Adult literature, how the book industry works and quite candidly shared her life experiences that influenced and shaped her own book series.

Her honesty in addressing their questions was appreciated. Her engaging personality had them intrigued and many of them afterwards were so taken with her that they wanted autographs and pictures and were also anxious for me to order her books.

It was quite moving to see!

Norma Margot Garza, Librarian/Campus Technologist

La Joya High School