Authors One and All: a Program I’m Presenting–and I need help from authors/librarians/teachers!

Credit: Ashim D’Silva

Hey, Friends! I hope you can answer 2 questions for me. Your responses will help me begin to craft a presentation I’m giving at my school district’s Back-to-School training (it’s in about a month, but I’m a planner…). The topic is, “Authors One and All”: my purpose is to help teachers find ways for their students to connect to literature and see themselves as people with stories to tell, too, through the use of realistic fiction in the classroom.  Age level that you write for/teach does not matter. Please answer in the comments below. 

P.S. if you, like me , write AND teach, please answer both. Thanks!

Author question:

What about realistic fiction attracts you as a writer or reader of it?

Can you think of an example in which you have gotten feedback from a reader indicating that your book made a difference for them?

Teacher/Librarian question:

Why do you think students relate to realistic fiction?

Can you think of an example in which you have found a reluctant reader particularly impacted by a realistic YA book?


Please respond in the comments below, and thank you!

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