Need lesson plans? I’ve got some.

In addition to offering for free the ebook, audiobook, & lesson plans for my novel, Courage in Patience in my capacity as an author, I have also been busy-busy-busy in my day-job as a high school English teacher. I have completed compiling resources that will result in writing a dystopian short story. As a basis for this, I used Christina Gil’s unit on Teachers Pay Teachers–IT IS EXCELLENT AND I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT. I had to put materials together in such a way that I could email them to my administrators and have them print out hard-copy packets for our students without access to the internet/technology/or whose internet data limit is depleted, crippling their ability to participate on Google Classroom.
If you are interested in my lesson plan/resource PDF to ease your own burden with respect to submitting your lessons, please contact me, but also purchase Christina Gil’s unit on Teachers Pay Teachers. You need her unit and its awesome information and the way she explains and builds the foundation in order to maximize success for you and your students. Even if we get to return to school prior to the end of the semester, I will still be using this unit. In addition to the materials in Christina’s Dystopian fiction unit, I pulled the texts off the internet where necessary and found nearly all the transcripts for the videos that are used in the unit, because I wanted to provide all the info even if kids can’t access the videos in the plan, and also included supplemental videos that I felt would be useful to aid student comprehension. Hit me up if you would like me to share with you what I submitted to my principals for them to print for students.

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