Great News! Check this out, librarians and teachers!

I have some wonderful info to share with my readers. First, I am thrilled beyond belief to tell you that there will be an audiobook version of FIND THE MOON by the end of December, 2023. I anticipate it to be on sale via Audible no later than early January, 2024. SO. HAPPY!

I am so grateful to the amazing and affordable Karen Ronan of Covers by Karen for her speedy and affordable work producing the audiobook cover for FIND THE MOON. And, I am over-the-moon excited to share that the voice artist contracted to produce the audiobook is the highly regarded Jocelyn DuFord

Second, and I say “second” with full knowledge that I am as happy about this development as I am about the audiobook, I have been invited to return to TEEN BOOKFEST BY THE BAY this coming February, 2024. Please keep an eye out here on my site as well as the book fest’s Facebook page, here. I will be in the Corpus Christi area for the bookfest on February 23 & 24, 2024 (Friday-Saturday.) However, I am happy to come to the area as early as Wednesday the 21st & Thursday the 22nd if there are schools interested in having me speak to your students. Details about my program are here. I have a booking agent, How Now Booking, so please contact Sarah at How Now Booking if you are interested after reading about my program.

This is the audiobook cover, modified from the original book cover, by Karen Ronan of Covers by Karen. I have worked with Karen on many projects including THE PATIENCE TRILOGY and some graphics for TRAUMA RECOVERY: SESSIONS WITH DR MATT. She is talented, responsive, and respected in the publishing community.

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