Infostack’s Superstacks make great holiday gifts for the writers in your life- and the price for an ebook right now is perfect: free!

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Several weeks ago, I was approached by Infostack and asked if I would like to be part of their Thanksgiving/Black Friday Week promotion, Writer’s Craft 5.0. What is Infostack, you may ask?
“ is the world’s leading bundle discount company. We curate premium collections of tools, training, and resources to help our customers achieve their goals while saving up to 99% off the retail price.”

These deals look so great that I have already added myself to the waiting list for the Romance Writers’ Superstack, since I’m currently working on my first romance novel, a New Adult story.

“Our mission at Infostack is simple:

To help you achieve your goals by making the world’s best tools, training, and resources available at an affordable price.

We do this by hand-curating collections of the best premium tools and resources within a specific niche, industry, or interest, and we make them available for a one-time fee that’s up to 99% off the cumulative retail price. We call these: “Super Stacks.”

Massive savings. Insane value. Big win for our community and our partners.

To date, we’ve partnered with over 500 companies, thought leaders, experts, and authors to bring our community the absolute best education and tools they need to achieve their goals.”

First, you need to know that I am a cynical person. My “truster” was broken long ago, so when I was approached out of the blue by Nicole at Infostack, I immediately did a background search on her and Infostack’s founder, Cary, prior to setting up a phone call with him to discuss my participation in Writer’s Craft 5.0, which will be available beginning the day before Thanksgiving. Infostack is a legit enterprise. If they were not, I would not attach myself to their organization by offering a 55% discount off my normal manuscript editing fee for evaluating the first 25 pages. Since Infostack is the real thing, I will be offering this deal from November 21, 2023 through November 28, 2023. More on that in a post to come.

You’re probably wondering what I would be wondering: how much does this cost? Each Superstack is $49, instantly downloadable, and packed with resources that are available to the purchaser for 1 year. Infostack has been around since at least 2018, so they are not fly-by-night. Total values for Superstacks, if you paid at the normal price, have been identified as being in thousands of dollars.

To ramp up the excitement for the Black Friday week deals, Infostack is releasing a gorgeous 29-page ebook that’s a goldmine for writers looking to thrive no matter what curveballs AI throws at us.

This isn’t just another freebie: this ebook addresses the AI elephant in the room. As an educator, I have a love-hate relationship with AI. (Mostly hate…) That said, I have used AI to create rubrics, help me create my professional goals for the year (a requirement; it’s how I’m evaluated), and I know teachers who use it to generate lesson plans, but I’m not one of them. As writers, the more we know, the better prepared we can be. I hereby vow that I will never never never never NEVER NEVER NEVER NEVER use AI to write a novel. And I look forward to excoriating any novels I find that ARE written by AI. At the same time, I do value any info on AI and its effect on the publishing community.

Infostack asks, “Want to know how to future-proof your writing for success? This guide is your secret weapon.

Click this link and grab the guide, and start future-proofing your writing life today. This is a limited-time deal, only available through 11/20/23, so click-n-get now since it won’t be here for long!

If you miss out on offers from Infostack, including this free book, they are gone after the end date.

Before I sign off, I want you to know a few more things:
(1) if you buy a Superstack and don’t like it, there is “an industry leading 60 day, 100% satisfaction guarantee.If for whatever reason you don’t love the Stack you purchased, just let us know within 60 days and [receive] a full refund.”
(2) If you’d like to see a sample of what was included in Writer’s Craft 4.0, I found an informative blog post here. I know I’ll be buying Writer’s Craft 5.0 in order to access all the cool stuff alongside my own offer of 55% off my usual 45.00 charge for evaluating the first 25 pages of a manuscript (you’ll save $20.) The link for buying Writer’s Craft 5.0 will be live soon.
(3) If you are a writer (and editor, like me) and are interested in having a product or service included in a future Superstack, Check out the info here.

Still not convinced?

Here’s an example of a Kidlit Superstack.

Here’s what’s coming in Write Publish Profit 6.0

I wish Infostack’s Superstacks had existed when I was first starting out as a writer in the early 2000s. If you’re looking for a perfect gift for an aspiring author, a Superstack purchased during the Black Friday shopping week could be it. And, what better price is there than free? Take advantage of the 29-page freebie before November 20, 2023!

My family calls me “The Googler” for good reason– and as I’ve been writing this post, I have continued to dig-dig-dig for more info about previously released Superstacks. Here’s a couple of video reviews I found:

I hope you give the Ink to Income ebook a try! (Remember: it’s free!) And check back here soon for the link to the Writer’s Craft 5.0 bundle.

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